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© Travis Mong
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Can’t say there was any one experience that shaped me as an artist.

By nature I was a particularly sensitive child that was deeply affected by the cruelty of the world, at home (close to the heart) and abroad, and even more so to the impartiality of it, and though I didn’t fully realize it at the time the act of creating was a form of escapism and expression for me. Later it evolved into a deliberate act of adding beauty to the world in opposition to all its ugliness.

Berkshires I
12" x 17"
oil on board
Berkshires V
12" x 17"
oil on board

Berkshires IV
14" x 19"
oil on board
10" x 59"
photo collage

Spectrum Of Our Growth
19" x 39"
photo collage

War, Famine, and Slavery Triptych
36" x 20" each
oil on canvas on top of curved boards

Caroline's Stickers
36" x 36"
painting: oil on board
frame: mdf board